Polski Związek Kolarski

Former Polish Road Race Champion, Janusz Pożak, is a successor of recently resigned Dariusz Banaszek.

After a long-lasted conflict with the Polish Minister of Sport and Tourism, Witold Bańka, and owner of the CCC company, one of the Polish Cycling Federation`s main sponsors, Dariusz Miłek, Dariusz Banaszek made a decision to resign from the president of the Polish Cycling Federation two weeks ago.

Thanks to the Banaszek`s decision, members of the Managment Board have been given the opportunity to met with Witold Bańka, who demanded Banaszek`s resignation. They discussed funding for the federation and further cooperation.

The election at the meeting of the Managment Board of the Polish Cycling Federation was won by Janusz Pożak who received five votes, and the second from three candidates, Katarzyna Dzięcioł-Białowieżec, received four votes.

Katarzyna Dzięcioł-Białowieżec and Andrzej Domin are the Deputy Chairmen.

Janusz Pożak is the former Polish Road Race Champion. In 2010 he was elected as a councilor of Polish city Lubartów.

The conflict between the Polish Cycling Federation, the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism and sponsors emerged in December last year. Ex vice-president, Piotr Kosmala, told Sportowe Fakty website that „key figure in the cycling environment” commited sexual misconduct, including rape, sexual abuse and financial malpractice.

Michał Kapusta
Translated by Marta Wiśniewska

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