Former cyclist Dariusz Banaszek has won the first round of voting. He received the greatest number of votes – 52.

Dariusz Banaszek has defeated Wacław Skarul (20 votes) and Andrzej Domin (9 votes). In the last moment, last of the four candidates Andrzej Kita dropped out of the race and lent his support to Dariusz Banaszek.

The Polish Cycling Federation has to be a well-organised institution where everyone knows what to do. Being the President of the most important cycling organisation in Poland is a great challenge but I think I will be able to face it. I would like to make cycling the national sport of Poland’, Banaszek told.

The new Managment Board of the Polish Cycling Association:

Dariusz BanaszekPresident

Members: Tadeusz Jasionek, Marek Kosicki, Adam Wadecki, Zbigniew Piątek, Franciszek Harbacewicz, Rafał Jurkowlaniec, Lucjusz Wasielewski, Jan Antkowiak.

The Revision Committee:

Krzysztof Golwiej – Chairman

Piotr Karkoszka – Deputy Chairman

Sebastian Rubin – Secretary

The Disciplinary Committee: Marek Kosicki, Robert Radosz, Jan Antkowiak, Krzysztof Karasiewicz, Zdzisław Trojga.